Thursday, February 25, 2016

Club Nalgene Bottles!

Good news we finally got our club stickers!  The Nalgene bottles are ready to be picked up whenever you have a chance to stop by.  Don't worry we have enough
and you can also get yours the next time you go on a trip with us if you don't stop by the center (we know it's kinda out of the way...).  They look great and hopefully you'll take it out with you in the mountains and scratch it up good!  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Welcome to the unofficial blog for the DoD MWR Alpine Club located on Joint Base Lewis McChord Washington!  This is a forum where information can be passed on about various programs, trips, courses, and routes for the Military community in Washington.  Please adhere to our simple posting standards and feel free to ask question, seek partners, and ask for unofficial meetups, training, and experience.  Take a look around and if the information you seek isn't on the page let us know.

The weather is changing and the conditions are variable.  So far this season we have done two basic alpine mountaineering courses and had several backcountry skiing trips.  All have gone very well and everyone is very excited about the coming summer climbing.  Come see us about opportunities to explore the amazing alpine terrain in Washington and beyond!  Hope to see you in the mountains!